Explore Trade Possibilities With England

Ease Your British Trade With Technocash

The United Kingdom has one of the world’s most globalized economies. With a GDP of $2.5 trillion dollars in 2011, the English market is a large and strong powerhouse for businesses planning to expand internationally.

In the 18th Century, the United Kingdom was the first country to industrialise and one hundred years later, it took advantage of that newly found power to possess a dominant role in the global economy. Since then, international trade with England has increased further, and the English market represents excellent opportunities for businesses worldwide.

Does your business export products or commodities to England? Imagine the possibilities of collecting payments in GBP when trading with British based businesses or customers. Ease your British clients by providing a state of the art global payment solution for them to pay you in their own currency for their convenience.

A Technocash Business Account allows you to receive, hold and use over a dozen major currencies such as SGD, AUD, EUR and YEN to minimise hassles with currency conversion when collecting payments from English customers in GBP.

Explore your trade possibilities with England by applying for your Technocash Account and work towards breaking into the British market today. Learn more about London's Financial Centre.